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The WSJ writes about suits who are addicted to more than thumbing their Blackberries, losing sleep and productivity to the handheld's built-in game, Brickbreaker. They play 'em in board meetings, and they play 'em on conference calls, and they worship the masters who can rack up over a million points.

I came away with two thoughts after reading this otherwise bullshit article. One, the guy who is known as Wall Street's highest paid CEO, who made 53 million bucks last year, doesn't play the game much. And none of the slackers in this article are getting promoted any time soon. Dear Idiots: You always wanted to be in the WSJ, but now you've tanked your career. Are you sure no press is bad press?


P.S. One of Steve Jobs's projects at Atari was Breakout, the spiritual precursor to Arkanoid, and Brickbreaker.
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