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WSJ: Spotify Is Planning to Introduce Free Mobile Music

Illustration for article titled WSJ: Spotify Is Planning to Introduce Free Mobile Music

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is planning to launch a free, ad-supported version of its streaming music service for mobile devices


Citing "people familiar with the matter", the rumor suggests that Spotify is planning to end its policy of insisting that all its mobile users pay a monthly fee. The sources explained to the Journal that the company has struck deals "with all three of the global music companies to use their recordings on the new service."

Currently, a free version of Spotify is available only on the desktop client. According to the rumor, the new free mobile service will allow users to "play a limited number of songs on demand, but will mostly serve up music based on the user's input, much like custom radio services such as Pandora Media."


In other words, the rumor suggests that the free mobile Spotify offering would be will remain a glorified radio service with a few extra, on-demand features. But hey, that'd be good! Spotify recently announced that there will be a press event in NYC on December 11th—so you can perhaps expect to find out if that rumor's true next week. [WSJ]

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Mister Bacon

If they do this I hope to see a drop in the price point to go ad-free and unlimited streaming, as I've been paying for the service for the past 18 months.