X-Files Next For Reboot Treatment?

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Gillian Anderson has been talking about appearing in a third X-Files movie, but does that mean that we should expect more of I Want To Believe's Scully/Mulder love story? Possibly not, if a particular rumor turns out to be true.

Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Anderson's comments to the effect that we can expect a third X-Files movie somewhere around 2012 (Perhaps that's the terrible disaster that will spark the end of the world as promised by Roland Emmerich, countless ancient prophecies and fixed Google searches) are part of a possible reboot of the franchise that's currently being discussed by the powers that be, although they add that "[n]othing is set in stone, all should be taken as rumor until confirmed."


We're not too surprised that an X-Files reboot would be considered, considering the critical drubbing of the last movie and a remake/reboot-happy Hollywood that sees no problem in rebooting Battlestar Galactica less than a year after the last version, but it has to be asked: Doesn't Fringe already do that job pretty nicely? Do we even need any new X-Files anymore?

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