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X-Men: Apocalypse Finally Puts the Mutants in Their Comic Book Costumes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The X-Men films have largely tried to keep away from the X-uniforms of the comics, the closest being the yellow-and-blue suits of First Class. But director Bryan Singer has been teasing that Apocalypse might embrace the comics’ costume designs for a while, and now we finally have some evidence.

Empire revealed a new picture of Singer and his X-Men on one of the movie’s sets, but instead of the very Mass Effect-ish battle suits we’ve seen Jean Grey and her young friends running around in, the characters are all running around in looks more inspired by the comics (to varying degrees).


Okay so they’re all very different ones and there’s basically no sense of cohesion to the influences, but baby steps. Also, it’s not like the X-Men are afraid of having clashing gear sets at times in the comics.

Nightcrawler has a take on Dave Cockrum’s iconic original look for the character, as does Mystique, whose outfit utilizes Cockrum’s design, too. Cyclops has a take on the strapped suit look given to him by Jim Lee (and even uses the visor, which fans of the X-Men ‘90s cartoon will recognize), while Jean Grey shares similar inspiration with a suit, sans headgear, also reminiscent of Lee’s designs.


Beast, Quicksilver, and Storm all have costumes that are probably the farthest from comic sources, and more in line with what we’ve seen in past movies, but at least Storm kept her nifty wrist-attached minicape á la her Jim Lee white suit. And of course, James McAvoy is just doing some very solid Patrick Stewart cosplay.

Still, it’s still very to see some of these iconic costumes finally make it into the movies. It’s about time!