XBox 360 Camp-Out

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The creator of this little piece of performance art/retail therapy is a pretty nice guy so we decided to give his cause the attention it truly deserves. Basically, this guy will fly to your hometown and camp out in front of the electronics store of your choosing and then buy you a 360, one game, and an accessory.

In order for such an undertaking to be profitable, I must ask that the bids exceed a gracious number-at least enough to cover all the costs involved, such as transportation, the game system, and tent!

If you are a business owner looking for advertisement, this endeavor may interest you as well; I am willing to wear a piece of your merchandise to support and showcase your company.


The bidding is currently up to $830, so it looks like it may be cheaper to camp out with a buddy and some brews rather than hiring this guy, but I'm sure someone like or someone will pick him up.

Xbox 360 Campout- -Hand delievered Xbox360 on 22 [Ebay]

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