Xbox 360 Hacked To Run Unsigned Code

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The Xbox 360 was hacked... again. By exploiting an unpatched hole in the system and messing around with shader files from the game King Kong (can you tell the hack is pretty damn complicated?), a hacker was able to run an unsigned, homebrew app for the first time on the system. Some pretty heavy technical know-how is required to get this working, too, so best just let the pros go at it for a little while longer. When executed, the application reads...

"Hello, world!"

Cute. While this hack isn't as simple as plopping in a no-solder mod like you could do with the original Xbox, the very fact that we can now run unsigned code on the 360 means that, hopefully, we'll soon (eventually) see great apps like XBMC on it.


'Hello World' - First Public Homebrew Code Running via Hypervisor Exploit [Xbox-Scene]

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I want XBMC360 soo badly, my x264 vids just can't be played in XBMC. While I realize anything this complex will be a long ways off, I just can't wait. It's enevitable Microsoft. Just do us a favor and allow unsigned code on your next box alright?