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Xbox 360 Input Machine Has Gamer Playing Halo 2 With Wiimote

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It's impossible to ignore the unique brand of fun the Wii brings to the table with its motion-sensitive controller, but if you aren't into minigame fests, you don't have a lot of options for taking advantage of it. That's why one dedicated gamer decided to meld the power of the Wiimote with the game library of the Xbox 360, producing what he calls the Xbox 360 Input Machine (XIM). As you can see in the video above, Master Chief is running around the Halo 2 world, jumping and firing via instructions from the Wiimote (including motion-sensing swings). But can you realistically expect to be plugging your Wii into your 360 any time soon?

Probably not. The system is actually rather complicated, consisting of a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter along with a custom microcontroller with hand coded firmware that emulates a PS2 controller in addition to a connected PC running a customized Wiimote driver. Each game also requires a specially-designed "profile" that tells the system how to use the new control method given native 360 bindings and features like aim assistance. What that all means is that unless you're a pretty serious gearhead, you'll have to wait for the entire rig to be simplified and released on the market before you'll have Master Chief jumping with nunchuk thrusts. If I were you, I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet. [Xbox 360 Gaming With A Wiimote]


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There's something wrong with this control. The look control is only relative to the motion rather than absolute.