Xbox 360 Is Now Officially A Cable Box Killer

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Today Microsoft further entrenched the Xbox 360 as the best alternative to a cable box with three new Kinect-capable video apps including on-demand content from Comcast, HBO GO, and MLB.TV.


Comcast's Xfinity TV is the first time the cable TV giant has made its on-demand content available through a console. And as we reported yesterday, streaming Comcast content through your Xbox 360 won't actually count against your monthly data cap if the company provides your internet service as well. Makes you feel all sorts of conflicted about net neutrality.

HBO GO finally makes the network's entire catalogue of shows available on the Xbox, though you'll have to already be an HBO subscriber with one of the larger cable providers in the US to access it. And the same goes for the MLB.TV app which will only be available for 360 owners with an existing MLB.TV Premium Subscription anywhere in North America. So who really needs a cable box wasting space in their entertainment center at this point? [Microsoft]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Interesting, I just got an email from FiOS that they are raising the price of my DVR from $15.95/month to $16.95/month. I know it's only $1 but I've pretty much paid for the damn thing by now so any money they get off of me is just pure profit for them. I wish they'd let you buy the damn thing instead of renting it.

Maybe I can complain and threaten to leave and get something out of it.