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What a difference the Asian market makes. Though Xbox 360 units sold out ridiculously quickly here in the US and in Europe, analysts in Japan are saying that gamers are planning to take a more wait-and-see attitude. Even so, the 360 launches in Japan on Sunday and preorders on the web seem to be looking good. But since Dead or Alive 4 was delayed—the Japanese love their boobies—many fans aren't as keen as they might have been on the console. It's also good to note that Japan is only getting the premium Xbox 360 package, which'll run them about $315 and includes a removable hard drive, letting them play first-gen Xbox games. Right now, Sony has an 80 percent market share of the Japanese console market, with less than 5 percent going to Microsoft, so this early launch does give them a chance to get gamers psyched. It also gives you the opportunity to fly to Tokyo and pick up an Xbox while Best Buy and Circuit City keep plotting shortages.

Xbox 360 takes aim at Sony in Japan []