Xbox 360 Universal Remote Control

Logitech left the gate early today with an Xbox 360 peripheral called the Harmony Advanced Universal Remote Control. Microsoft is positioning the 360 as the shining sun that the rest of your entertainment components will soon orbit around in geostationary oneness, and this universal remote makes sense in that context. The Harmony has console-specific buttons for navigating the 360 menu interface (X, Y, A, B, etc.), along with the chrome accents and green backlighting of the console itself. It can also control up to 12 other devices, and is programmable via a USB connection to a PC or Mac. Navigating to those other devices will be made somewhat easier by the Harmony's LCD window. But all that universality comes at a price: $129.99 (although there is a $30 mail-in rebate). Available late November.

s New Harmony Remote Delivers Advanced Control for Microsoft
s Xbox 360 [Product Page]


Prices for Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Controls

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