Xbox Series X Will Likely Launch in November 2020

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Photo: Microsoft

During a recent earnings call, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood appeared to confirm that the Xbox Series X will launch in November 2020. Only a tad more specific than the holiday 2020 release Xbox has on its website, but we’ll take it.

According to TechSpot, Hood was responding to a question from Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass, who specifically asked if the “new console” was on track to release during the “November holidays.” Bass says Hood responded with a “yes.”


If November 2020 remains a solid release date, it’s possible that we could see the new console by Black Friday, but given that it’s a brand new piece of kit, it isn’t likely that there will be any deep discounts on the Xbox Series X. At least you can add the new console to your holiday gift wish list.

We already know a lot about the look, specs, special features, and games coming to the Xbox Series X—all we need know is an exact release date and price, to state the obvious. You might still want to wait on buying a new console, or maybe not since we have more information on what games will be available at launch; Microsoft recently said it would be discontinuing the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, but it also recently announced September as the official launch for its Project xCloud, Microsoft’s own cloud gaming service to rival the likes of Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Stadia.