XCM XFPS Xbox 360 Keyboard/Mouse Adapter Available Now

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

If you hate using the Xbox 360's dual joystick controllers to play Gears of War, now's your chance to pick up the XCM XFPS keyboard and mouse adapter for the 360. Not only does it allow you to use a PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse, you can also hook up a PS2 light gun, a PS2 guitar, or a PS2 dancing mat, none of which are really supported on the Xbox 360 gamewise.


However, you can hook up a PS2 Dualshock or a PS2 Racing Wheel, which should work fairly well on a 360. The bad news is that the adapter costs $79, but if you're a traditional PC gamer that's dying to get back your keyboard and mouse, it may be worth it.

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The Xbox360 should have worked with mouse and keyboard out of the box. They would probably have sold alot more consoles to PC gamers like myself who would have bought one except I hate gamepads/thumb controls.

As someone else pointed out the xbox and xbox360 ARE PC's, in a console package. I would venture that M$ didn't include this functionality directly because they feared it might cut into "new controller" sales or some shit. How much money do you think they make on these controllers anyway? Probably fairly high margin in comparison to loosing money on the console itself. Controller pads are one of the accessories where they can make 400% profit. If you could re-use you PS2, Xbox(original), NES (lol), etc. controllers on some new console, that new console manufacturer KNOWS they would loose money on controller sales. So. what happens? Every damn new console (just about) in history has had DIFFERENT frickin connectors that any other console before it.

If you think this is a cheat, so is any other adapter to let you use ps2 controllers on PS3's, or gamecube wireless controllers on an xbox1, etc. because you like those controllers better.

I already have a smart joyfrag for the xbox. I bought it for Halo2 (played Halo1 on pc) and I played the whole game using my mouse/keyboard. Without that adapter I never would have purchased the xbox or halo2.

Microsoft. wise up. It's a PC, give us some options on controller methods.

If it's a racing game, I want to use a wheel.

If it's a flying game the controller pads are ok, but an actual joystick is better.

If it's a fighting type game (think soul calibur) then the controller pad is perfect.

If it's an FPS game, GIVE ME KEYBOARD and MOUSE.

If it's dance dance revolution, give me dance floor mats.

If it's duck hunt, give me the little light gun :)

(essentially) forcing game developers to write console games to always use a controller pad has probably limited creativity some....

My $4.99 worth