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Xentex Laptop Folds Up to Spite UMPCs and Contortionists

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you'd rather pack a rare conversation piece than a mobile powerhouse to impress the fellow Starbuckians, you'll do no better than with this Xentex laptop prototype. While most laptops simply open and close, this Xentex can fold twice for portability.


The system features two 13.3" screens that can independently swivel for the benefit of friends/colleagues across the table. Together, they combine to measure 19.5" across and offer a massive display.

Internally, the system only boasts an 850MHz Athlon processor and 128MB of memory. That's not exactly Vista-ready, but you'll be too busy folding and unfolding the system to care, attempting to make a crane, dinosaur or some other origami masterpiece. This Xentex laptop is currently offered for sale on eBay for under $300. [eBay via Register Hardware]