Xohm Tested Out in Baltimore: Beats EVDO, Unsurprisingly

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Laptopmag went ahead and tested out Xohm WiMax goodness, now that it's live in Baltimore. They jammed an ExpressCard Xohm into a Sony Vaio laptop, and compared it to a Kyocera EVDO card running on Verizon, at a spot where both signals were strong. The conclusion? Xohm beats EVDO for speed when doing intensive downloading, such as streaming video, or large file transfers—the top download speed they found for Xohm was 3.05Mbps while EVDO managed just 1.43MBps. So far so groovy, and Laptopmag gave a few more thumbs up to the system, like how it auto-connects when you plug in the adapter, and the daily subscription options. But this isn't much of a surprise—it's designed to be faster—and for now Xohm's coverage is severely limited, to say the least. Check out the link for the full picture. [Laptopmag]



the WiMax solution should be able to deliver 6-8Mbit per account, in off-peak hours... that would be progress...!!!