Sprint XOHM WiMax Quietly Goes Live In Baltimore

Illustration for article titled Sprint XOHM WiMax Quietly Goes Live In Baltimore

Just over a week ago the word was that Baltimore, the first city in a pilot program for the new wireless tech, might not see WiMax until October. With a minimal announcement and little fanfare, though, it looks like the service has gone live in select parts of the city. The pricing options are interesting though already controversial, as there are different fees for unlimited monthly access depending on whether or not that access comes from one or many locations. Home access is $25 a month (on promotion, down from $35) but only allows you access from one place. A full monthly package is available for $30 (from $45), which gives you citywide access to the network. Lastly, there is the $10 one-off option for 24 hours of access. There are no long-term contracts available, which is actually kind of refreshing for a service that could theoretically be used as a primary connection. Not refreshing: the website warns that the sky-high expectations for WiMax bandwidth won't quite be met, with the network capable of enabling an "average 2-4 Mbps download speed and 0.5-1.5 Mbps upload speed." Check the via for a coverage map, and let us know if you try it out. [XOHM]


I thought WiMax was supposed to be faster than 3G or what's the point?