Xperia X10 Looks Much Snappier in New Hands on Video

Illustration for article titled Xperia X10 Looks iMuch/i Snappier in New Hands on Video

Appears that Sony Ericsson have made inroads optimizing the X10 Android phone for its 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The pre-pro handset shown earlier this month ran the Rachael interface in slow-motion, but this new prototype looks much more responsive.


The Timescape social networking app and Mediascape multimedia manager finally look like something you might want to get your hands on in February. No price or carrier info has come out yet. And yeah, the super dramatic music at the start of the vid made me laugh, too. [HDBlog via SlashGear]

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It's a phone. Can't they please remember that and update the dialer? The Windows Mobile dialer is so much better. Do I need to stick with HTC to get that dialer? #sonyericssonxperiax10