Yahoo (Accidentally?) Blocked Emails About the Occupy Wall Street Protests

Wall Street has been a mess of bodies and police for the past few days as Occupy Wall Street protests have clogged up lower Manhattan. But there were some congestion problems online, too, as Yahoo was reportedly blocking emails attempting to organize the gathering.


Starting yesterday, several members of the Occupy Wall Street group reported being unable to send messages about the protests, and made the video you see above to verify that their messages were being blocked. A Yahoo rep told Gothamist, though, that the "censorship" was simply due to the url being incorrectly flagged as spam. When we tried to replicate the censorship, we were able to send and receive emails containing the keywords and the url, so the issue seems to be resolved.

Yahoo's still the largest email provider in the United States with 90 million accounts, so it would be pretty bad if they were actually blocking messages about a (conceptually) peaceful protest. But of course, it wasn't Yahoo. It was the spam filter. Yahoo would never side with the government over peaceful dissidents. [Gothamist, Think Progress, All Things D]


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chrisinspace topic, but do you really have to fill in a Captcha every time you send an email in Yahoo?