Yahoo New Homepage and App for iPad Look Nice

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On the right, Yahoo's incoming home page for iPads. Very nice and simple. I guess it will work with any other HTML5 tablet-based web browser. According to Business Insider, they are also releasing a native iPad application, on the left.


Chief Product Officer Blake Irving is saying that Yahoo! is going to push faster and harder on smartphones and tablets than on PCs, making two distinctive experiences for the two class of devices. If they really do this right, that's good news: We need companies to think about customizing their web products' user interfaces to the unique form factors of these platforms. As they become more and more popular, this a move that is not coming soon enough. [Business Insider]


Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

Wait, if I read this correctly, the homepage on the right is that thing with all the squares and images and stuff, but the app (on the left?) is a clock and calendar? I don't understand.