Yahoo! Releases DRM-Free Music of the Jessica Simpson Variety

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Despite losing a heck of a lot of money in value in the past few days, Yahoo! is doing something that's likely to win it at least a couple of new friends. That is, Yahoo! has released a DRM-free music track on its online store. Unlike other DRM-free online music stores, which mainly deal with unknown or indie artists (not a knock against either, mind you), Yahoo!'s first DRM-free track is from the decidedly mainstream Jessica Simpson. "A Public Affair" will cost music fans $1.99 and is a vanilla MP3 file, compatible with all digital music players, including the iPod and all those really great Microsoft-blessed PlaysForSure players.


Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Simpson's record label is Sony BMG. Going from releasing rootkit-laden CDs to DRM-free MP3s is quite a metamorphosis. Should Yahoo! further thumb its nose at the music industry, we'll let you know. In the meantime, let's all rock out to Jessica Simpson, the greatest singer in human history.

US Yahoo offers copy-free music [BBC News]



I wouldn't pay $1.99 for the real Jessica Simpson to come sing the song to me in bed.