Yamaha PSR-S900 Keyboard is Not Your Grandpappy's Player Piano

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This Yamaha PSR-S900 keyboard bridges the gap between musical instruments and the Interwebs, and it can play music and connect to the Net at the same time. It has an Ethernet port that gives you a direct connection to the Internet without even using a computer, and that lets you download thousands of compositions and 7,000 karaoke arrangements. It's pretty much a computer unto itself, with a 5.7-inch 320x240 color display. Have pianos come a long way, or what? What else can it do?


For starters, it can make a tremendous variety of sounds and noises, and has a full range of synthesizer functions and recording capabilities. It can also hook up to your PC via USB, letting you send and receive MIDI and digital audio signals, record digitally onto your PC and interface with sophisticated digital audio workstation software.

This is not your basic tinkertoy piano/synthesizer, it's a highly sophisticated digital musical instrument aimed at musicians and gearhead amateur musician tinkerers. Too bad you can't just rent one to play around with it for a while, because this PSR-S900 costs $1815. Expect to see it shipping in the US sometime this summer.

Yamaha PSR-S900 keyboard [Software Headlines]

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I want one, I want one too!

I have the previous version, PSR-3000, about the same price range, I would have waited for this, but I needed a keyboard fast. Mine has trouble with the USB-Ethernet adapter, and my Buffalo wireless Wifi adapter is just the one that isn't supported, so these things really are like computers with all their compatibility problems.

The internet connection is actually only to the yamaha site to download/buy music and other files, but I guess by using a custon dns server you'd trick it into going other places. You can't surf the web, as far as I know.

Not only amateurs, also professionals, especially "One Man Bands" use these. About the 88 vs. 61 keys, if your serious about playing "piano sheet music", you wouldn't get one of these alone, rather a master keyboard with weighted keys along with this one.

But they're also great for learning to play, for example with their "the song only continues when you hit the right key" function.