Yawn...More Palm Treo 700wx Leaks (Spec Sheet)

I stopped eating cupcakes for this? Sprint's Windows Mobile 5.0 version of the Palm Treo 700 smartphone, dubbed the 700wx, has been covered in great detail, even though Sprint is whistling along, twiddling their thumbs, pretending it never happened. The latest piece of info is this official Palm spec sheet, shared with us by GadgetsOnTheGo.net. Again, what's new here? 128MB of RAM, vs. 64MB in the Verizon. More of the most important specs, after the jump. In a few days, Sprint will call us and yell "SURPRISE NEW TREO!!1!" Sigh.

Palm 700wx Spec Sheet [GadgetsOnTheGo]
Everything we know about the Palm 700wx [internal]

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