There's an unknown pandemic threatening mankind. Our only hope lies in Yeasayer's laboratory-grade emulsion of science and synthesizer psychedelia. Dystopia never sounded so good.


The newest video spawned from Yeasayer's 2012 album Fragrant World sets the innate creepiness of an ominous laboratory to the song's moderately-unsettling pop macabre. That's no movie set; as director Ruben van Leer told Wired, the video was shot in some of Holland's most prestigious research labs, including the one where Antoine van Leeuwenhoek discovered the principles of electron optical microscopy.


With iridescent microscope video, jars of embalmed specimens, lingering shots of lab apparatus and glitch art all swirling you into a state of agitation, you might expect this fever to break in a sudden fast tempo switch. Instead, Yeasayer opts for the gradual crescendo, letting you savor the growing tension like a slow-acting drug. Breathe it in. Let it infect you. The best synth-pop scientists in the world are hard at work finding a cure. [Amazon, Spotify, iTunes]

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