Yes, Microsoft Paid to Make This Terrible Xbox Live Ad 10 Years Ago

Once upon a time, online console gaming was a novel thing. And a singular, cohesive, online community built around a console was downright mindblowing. Enter Xbox Live, which turns 10 this week.


To celebrate its new online system, Microsoft made maybe the corniest, ever-so-slightly racist, ad to introduce everyone to Xbox Live and all its features. And let's not forget some of the wonderful tech signifiers which pop up in the three minute ad, which include "high-speed internet connections" an old beige CRT monitor, and some horrible vintage '70s TV set which is about the size of five LED TVs.

It's more or less a terrible, terrible ad, but is also a fun reminder of the early days of the Xbox, and that awful controller we all used to make fun of. [WinSyde]


how many of you guys have stuck with xbox since the beginning? and if not, when did you jump ship to the xbox?