Yes! You Can Buy a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

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If reading really is all you're in for, the Kindle Paperwhite is hands-down the best little e-reader around. But how do you improve on (near) perfection? Apparently, you waterproof the hell out of it.


Gadget-waterproofing aficionados, Waterfi, have gone and answered every beach- and pool-side reading enthusiast's prayers with a custom waterproof Paperwhite. Since the treatment process is (supposedly) invisible, you won't be dealing with any of the annoying screen impediments you'd see with the waterproof cases currently out there.

But it's not just the casual splash you no longer have to worry about. You can actually submerge this thing up to 210 ft under water. Will you ever need to? Probably not. But it's always nice to have options.

Of course, until we try one out for ourselves, we can't be certain that the Waterfi-treated Paperwhite will actually feel as good in your hands as its less water-friendly brethren. If it's anything like some of the waterproofing treatments we've seen in the past, though—we're skeptical. That said, if you regularly suffer from soggy book syndrome, a slightly funky feeling, water-repelling Kindle is still far better than the alternative. [Waterfi via Techcrunch]



I can't stand the page lag from those stupid e-ink readers. It's like storing a novel on a TI-89... sure, it works... but something just seems off about it. Like it's broken or something.