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Yet Another Reason to Boycott the RIAA

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Copyright Royalty Board has decided to accept the "per play" royalty rates proposed for internet radio channels by the RIAA's digital music extortion fee collection organization, Sound Exchange, despite protests by webcasters.

"Per performance" rates are charged per stream per listener. The example the Radio and Internet Newsletter gives is that an "audience of 500 listeners racks up 500 'performances' for each song" played. There is also a minimum fee of 500 bucks per station, even for tiny or noncommercial ones.

Why is this a big deal? "That math suggests that the royalty rate decision — for the performance alone, not even including composers' royalties! — is in the in the ballpark of 100% or more of total revenues." It's never enough is it?


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