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Yo is having some problems, and not just because it's so silly. Turns out that it only required three college students to find out that the app contains more security holes than a colander.


TechCrunch reports that the app—which has amazingly entered the US App Store's Top 10 list—has already been hacked. The students have figured out how to reveal any Yo users' phone number, and they say that it's possible to send spoof messages from that number, too. Though presumably those messages only read "Yo," yo?

Yo founder Or Arbel tells TechCrunch that it's working on fixes that should be ready in the "next few hours," but refuses to detail exactly what's wrong. Users ought be a little upset that their phone number can be linked to their username, though, especially thoe who signed up with real names. Tell us, was signing up really worth it? [TechCrunch]

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