Yoto MVP-800 Media Player, Almost Too Thin and Cheap to be True

We hadn't heard much about Yoto before—all we'd seen from the Chinese company was a $13 bare-bones MP3 player—but now it's busting out a beautiful little personal media player that's just 9mm thin. The Yoto MVP-800 has a 2.8-inch 320x240 screen, and it can even play XviD files. It's available in 2GB or 4GB capacities, and you can also put up to 2GB of TransFlash memory in there, too.


But here's the real stunner:

That lowest-end 2GB model costs just $52. It has other little niceties on board, too, such as audio recording as well as an eBook reader that you can use even while you're listening to music. But judging from the size of that 2.8-inch screen, you'd better have eagle eyes if you want to do some heavy reading on it.


There's no word on whether this will ever make it out of China, but if it does and it has reasonably good quality, that $52 price could shake things up around here.

Product Page (Google Translation) [Yoto Yuantong, via PMP Today]


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