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You Can 3D Print Your Very Own Movie Prop From The Hobbit

Illustration for article titled You Can 3D Print Your Very Own Movie Prop From emThe Hobbit/em

If you fit into the piece of the Venn diagram between "Fans of The Hobbit," "Microsoft Users," and "Folks Who Have a 3D Printer," Microsoft and Warner Bros. UK have a treat: On December 13th, when the second Hobbit movie debuts, you'll be able to download plans to 3D print your own souvenir: the Key to Erebor.


Microsoft and Warner Bros. UK have teamed up to make a slew of interactive Hobbit ads for Windows 8 apps that should soon spread to Xbox as well. And while the partnership is UK-centric, the film debuts on the same day on both sides of the Atlantic, so it's rather safe to assume US-based Hobbit-heads will have the same chance. If you don't own a 3D printer, you can always just buy an official replica from Weta. We like the 3D printed route better, because if you're going to clutter up your place with movie props, you might as well do it for free. [Microsoft via The Verge]

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One of my main criticisms of 3d printing now that it has gained popularity is that it seems an expensive way to create what one could find in a gumball machine for the most part.

-the American Gumball Machine Resource Council