You can already buy the TARDIS' latest look

Well, that was quick. This past weekend's episode of Doctor Who,Flatline, saw The Doctor's timeship display a new ability to protect itself from imminent destruction - Siege Mode, which turned the TARDIS into a teeny, nigh on invincible Gallifreyan cube. Now you can buy a Siege Mode TARDIS of your very own!


The replica comes from Rubbertoe Replicas, who've made a variety of Doctor Who props and items in the past, but this latest is a pretty cool one indeed. The Siege Mode was activated by The Doctor to protect the weakened, shrunken TARDIS (well, only the exterior dimensions were shrunk, the interi-oh, it's a long story, just go watch it!) from an oncoming Train - but now it can sit on your desk and look like a pretty Gallifreyan paperweight.

Image: Original concept art of the Siege Mode TARDIS from Doctor Who production. Art by Chris Lee, via the BBC.

The resin replica is 'life sized' - which isn't really that big, in all fairness - at roughly 7.5 cm in height, depth and width, and comes packaged in a snug little display box with the show's emblem printed on it.


It's probably the easiest and quickest way to get your own accurately-scaled TARDIS - and a £50, it's not that pricey either. Although for that much, I doubt it shares a similar level of Hardiness. Don't try throwing it on any nearby train tracks to check!


If you want one, you can purchase it from Rubbertoe's website, linked below.

[Rubbertoe Replicas]

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