You Can Buy Stocks on Facebook Soon

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If you've been too lazy to figure out the stock market or have been wary of fees and brokers that come with trading, you will love this: coming this summer, you'll be able to buy a company's stock directly on Facebook. It's like Likes but like uh, real.


This is pretty wild because Facebook, being as ubiquitous as it is, could now become a destination for people to invest in the stock market. The company that's handling all the behind-the-scenes dollars is Loyal3 and it promises that users won't have to pay any fees or brokers in order to buy stock in a company. According to Loyal3, the company will foot that portion of the bill for you.

When Loyal3 launches its stock selling for companies service this June, anyone and everyone can go onto a company's Facebook page and immediately buy stock. Loyal3 promises stock purchasing plans for as little as $10 and a process that zips by in three clicks. You can own a piece of stock faster than writing on someone's wall. Amazing. Buying stocks on Facebook is democratizing the stock market, which is gnarly because anyone with a Facebook account (and a company willing to sell stock on FB) can play but also dangerous because a lot of people might be making uninformed decisions. The stock market is a fickle thing, you know. [Loyal3 via Business Insider]


So you can buy, but can you sell?