You Can Buy This 42-Inch Reference Monitor, Or Two Brand New Cars

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You can go on and on about how great the flatscreen TV in your home theater is, but I guarantee it won't hold a candle to the image, brightness, and color quality of Dolby's $40,000 reference monitor.

It's just 42 inches in size, is limited to a 1080P hi-def resolution, (no 2K or 4K here) and doesn't have anywhere near the wide viewing angle of the best consumer TVs.

But, it's capable of displaying the full dynamic range that today's digital cinema cameras can capture, including the highlights and dark areas of an image that most displays usually clip. And with support for something called LUTS, or look-up tables, it can even display most of the dynamic range captured by film, for accurate post-processing.


And to make sure the 150 pound PRM-4200 is always perfectly calibrated, it includes an over-the-top remote that lets users individually adjust the red, blue, and green LED triplets—1,500 in total—that make up its backlight. They're features that are useless to the average consumer, but vital to professionals who need a reliable baseline reference for color-correction and quality control. And to them, an LCD display that promises that is worth the small fortune that Dolby is asking. [Dolby via Dvice]

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For $40K I would rather have 80 or so "merely average" HD 50" or bigger plasma TV's...

Could create a wall of video, or line my entire home, and give the remainders to my friends.

No one will appreciate a "reference" picture, since most people can't tell the difference between 1080p and 720p without a side-by-side direct comparison.