You Can Download Adobe's Creative Cloud Right Now

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Adobe pulled the covers off its shiny new Creative Cloud earlier this month, but it's now finally available for you to get your grubby little hands on.

Head to the Creative Cloud website and you'll be able to download what you need. From now on, you won’t buy be able to buy CS6 or CS7—you’ll just buy a $50 per month subscription to CC. As an incentive, the first year will only cost $30 for anyone with a CS3 or later.


If you're intrigued as to what Creative Cloud will bring to your own artistic pursuits, you should read our round-up. But along with a bunch of new tools, Adobe is really also playing up the cloud-based nature of the software—changing the way you store and share work.

How that will work out for Adobe and its users remains to be seen. But at least now you can give it a try yourself. [Adobe]

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I'll wait for the Pirate Bay pricing model, thanks.

Inb4 butthurt comments from those who don't understand the economics of piracy, the CEO 10k/day who deserves to get paid and how the puppies love you unconditionally while humans do not.