You Can Finally Play Google Map's Labyrinth Game

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Google first teased us with a demo video of its map-based Cube game way back in January. But instead of having it ready to kill time during the cold winter months back in February, the game has only just been released this week. Finally.


It's basically exactly like a classic game of Labyrinth, but instead of guiding a ball through a wooden maze by twisting a couple of knobs, you guide a virtual ball through a small section of Google maps using your cursor. There are eight levels in total, covering cities and locations around the world, and each one encourages you to take advantage of Google Map's features to find the most optimal route. Your progress is also timed, giving you a totally valid excuse to play it again and again as you compete against your co-workers.

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[Cube via Fusible via Engadget]


there is a really great came played on the vidya occasionally that's I guess kind of similar as this, if only because it uses the same medium of google maps.

Any way, the game is played with varying different rules, but the point of it is to pretty much use google maps, go to a random location and go to the street view. You than have to work your way through which ever random country/city/where ever until you come across say a harbor, or an airport.

It's a pretty fun game, and can be played for literally days, weeks even. I once got lost in Russia and was stuck there for the better part of a week and a half. Same thing with Japan, their roads are insanely confusing, and at least ten times I ended up just going around in one giant circle with out realizing it, or thinking I was going in a circle and getting pissed off and trying to go the opposite direction to find the correct path only to realize I wasn't going in the opposite way.