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You Can Get 1Password For 50 Percent Off Right Now

Illustration for article titled You Can Get 1Password For 50 Percent Off Right Now

If you're usually too cheap for security, maybe this will be enough to tempt you: 1password is offering 50 percent of its apps for iOS and OS X.


1password's pretty much the gold standard in terms of rock-solid digital security. The app act as a vault for your digital credentials—site log-ins, bank details, all that kind of stuff—all of which is protected by one long and very strong password.

Basically, it takes all the hassle out of remembering a massive bunch of strong passwords, which is kinda worth the full asking price anyway. But with 50 percent off, the apps are just $8 for iOS and $25 for OS X—which is a steal. Go get it. [1password via 9to5toys]

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1Password 4 for Mac is in beta. I'd check to see if licenses purchased under this promo can be used to upgrade to the new version when it ships.