Did you miss the $300 off MacBook Pro deal from this past week? Are you beating yourself up inside? Well, stop—because you're about to be rewarded for your patience (or laziness) big time with that same $300 off a 15-inch retina MacBook Pro, with an Apple TV thrown in free for good measure. Now that's some cheap Apple $wag.


Anyone who's even mildly considering picking a new MacBook Pro would have to be insane and/or chained in a lead basement right now to pass this up. You can now pick up either a 13-inch or 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro from Best Buy for $200 off, another $100 off for students, and they'll throw in a free Apple TV to sweeten the deal. In total, that's a potential of about $400 in savings.

The deal is live from now until this Saturday, August 3; you've only got a few days left to get in on the action, so quit reading and git! [Best Buy]