You Can Get Free Unlimited Data If You Convert Friends to T-Mobile

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I think we can safely label T-Mo a meddler. Helmed by the mildly eccentric CEO John Legere, the Uncarrier announced today that it'll offer a free year of unlimited data to current subscribers who successfully coerce a family member or friend from Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon to join T-Mobile.

This offer comes in response to Sprint's announcement on Monday of new aggressive pricing, including 20GB data plan for up to ten lines for only $100 until Sept. 30. For the price, that's double the data compared to competitors. However, Legere's not buying into Sprint's claims of price "disruption," as he points out in a blog post:

Earlier this week, Sprint put the Framily out of its misery (to cheers from everyone who ever had to watch one of those ridiculous commercials) and launched their newest deals. Problem is, their latest "best deals" are for everyone BUT current Sprint customers who are – once again – left out in the cold.


This recent bout of cellular venom reads like a classic jilted lover scenario. Only two weeks after talks broke down over a possible Sprint acquisition of T-Mobile, Legere and company launch and all-out assault on its previous suitor. Then again, this all also fits perfectly with T-Mo's rebel persona of actively throwing off the shackles of U.S. carrier status quo. Either way, if you have a friend who's in the market for a new carrier, let loose that silver tongue and save some serious cash. [T-Mobile via ZDNet]

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I like how all of T-Mobiles marketing campaigns are specifically targeted at how switching to them is good, not about how their actual service is fucking terrible. Its always we will pay you to switch or we will pay you to make others switch. But it ignores the fact that you're going to pay us for shitty service.