You Can Have a New Car, Or This 20-Foot Long Fully Animated Dinosaur

A Scottish toy company called H. Grossman has decided that kids are tired of the inanimate plastic dinosaurs most of us grew up with. Apparently today's young'ns need interaction, and a grander sense of scale. So the company plans to release a $14,000+ dinosaur toy called the Megasaur for priveleged children around the world.

From the sounds of it the Megasaur will do everything but get up and chase you around the house, which is probably a good thing because toy or not, a six-foot tall mechanical monstrosity like this is bound to cause some serious damage if it gets out of control. But the head, the limbs, the arms, and the eyes all feature realistic movements and sounds—at least what we assume to be realistic since these creatures died off well before the wealthy needed another way to completely spoil their children. [SourceWire via DamnGeeky]


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