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You Can Major in Social Media for College Now

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these are things that we use everyday! And these are things that a whole college education can be based off now. Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina has made an entire undergraduate major for social media. You can graduate with honors in Facebooking.


As one of the first interdisciplinary majors in social media, it'll teach kids how to use social media better so that they can turn it into full-fledged careers. Basically, majoring in social media means you'll learn marketing and branding techniques fit for social networks.

Offered through the Department of Arts and Communications, the Social Media major will be an original interdisciplinary program that would capitalize on the strengths of existing courses in Graphic Design, Communications, Business Administration, Psychology and Statistics. Four innovative courses, created specifically for the Social Media major are also included in the curriculum.


It sounds ridiculous but it's totally not, there are a lot of social media-specific jobs out there. Knowing how Facebook and Twitter and whatever comes next works is the secret sauce in figuring out the Internet. Hell, it's better than getting a degree in something like sociology, right? [Newberry College via Upstart Business Journal, Image Credit Andresr/Shutterstock]

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On one hand, there is a growing market for social media experts (I actually have a friend who used to make money as one). OTOH, this degree just smacks of "I dunno, I have to major in something, and I'm on Facebook and Twitter all day, so maybe I can do that after I graduate and make money at it or whatevs LOL" Do we really need people majoring in spelling and grammar abuse and oversharing?