The best way to think of Lékué's flexible silicone bowl is as a bread machine that won't waste valuable kitchen counter space when not in use. Because it's soft and flexible it can be easily stored in a cupboard or even a drawer, and because it's all silicone it can go straight from the counter to the oven without messing any additional mixing bowls or pans.

When used on the counter you can place the bowl directly on a scale as you measure out ingredients, and then go to town mixing and kneading your dough. After it's risen and ready to bake, you can close and secure the bowl to help shape the bread as you slide the whole thing into the oven.


At just $35 the Lékué bowl is far cheaper than a bread machine too, as long as you're ok with a little bit of manual labor after the ingredients are prepped—and aren't a stickler about producing the perfectly shaped loaf. [Lékué via The Green Head]