You Can Now Download Photoshop For iPad

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After almost a year of waiting, you can finally download Photoshop for iPad. Adobe announced in a blog that Version 1.0 of the software launches today—though bear in mind, it’s a good idea to temper expectations.


The first iteration of the app will, in Adobe’s words, feature “workflows, compositing, masking, and retouching.” So no, it won’t be the full desktop version of Photoshop. Even though the program uses the same code as the desktop version, Adobe is mostly focusing on how creators will use the program in a mobile context. However, the company did take care to note that more features are in the pipeline for future updates. (Some upcoming features teased on its website include rotate canvas, refine edge, select subject, on top of more brushing options.)

With the iPad app, users can open and edit files, regardless of which device you’re using, thanks to the new Cloud PSD format, which will show up as the PSDC extension when saving. In practice, that means you can autosave files and use other cloud storage options aside from Creative Cloud. Adobe also says that Photoshop users on iPad can work on their files safely offline—edits will be stored on-device until you’re back online. The new format is part of Adobe’s push into new tablet apps, which includes the recently released Fresco and Aero.

Right now, Photoshop for iPad is available to anyone who already has a Creative Cloud subscription. If you already have a subscription, you can just download the app for iOS and log in with your Adobe ID. If you don’t, then you’ll have to sign up—the cheapest plan is $10 a month and includes Photoshop and Lightroom.

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Bark My Words

As someone that’s used Photoshop for 30 years, this iPad Photoshop is just as useless for any useful work, just like the rest of Adobe’s iPad apps. It is so stripped down to almost nothing. Too bad. The only useful Adobe iPad app I find useful is Capture, but it’s really only a helper for creating content in other apps.