You Can Now Follow the Taliban on Twitter

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What a world. The Taliban is now beaming out its fascistic madness 140 characters at a time, with its brand new Twitter feed. Choice propagandizing tweets include "Fifth US tank obliterated in Nawzad," among other dubious factoids. Watch out Bieber.


Actually, Bieber has nothing to worry about—the official account of the Afghan despots only has a paltry 906 followers, but is bombarding them with reports of US carnage, sniping comments about the Karzai regime, and links to their website, which is almost always down. Sounds like they need a new social media guy.

It's amazing to see the way this service continues to morph. Almost always generally useless and inane, occasionally history-changing, and now, a psychological weapon.

Also, Taliban Twitter, you are officially banned from any Gizmodo Twitter contests. Don't even try it. [The Guardian via Boing Boing]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

How is it that some people get banned from Twitter for dumbass reasons and the Taliban gets to spread their hatred, no problem?