You Can Now Rent Sir Richard Branson's Flying Submarine

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Why should James Bond be the only one with a swanky aero sub? If you've got the cash, Sir Richard Branson is more than happy to lend you his for the day.


The Necker Nymph, which resides on Branson's luxury catamaran, the Necker Belle, is an open-cabin three-seater sub. It dives down to a depth of 30 meters, a top underwater speed of 6 knots, and can remain submerged for up to two hours.

Both passengers wear normal scuba breathing gear—no, you don't get to drive this one-of-a-kind winged submarine, there's a pilot for that. A day-long rental will set you back $2,500 and unfortunately does not include Barbara Bach. [Necker Belle via Gadget Review]


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You could use this to escape the fire on his private retreat, Necker Island... []

Too soon?