Two-step authentication is one the easiest ways to make your online accounts more secure. Finally, Amazon has decided to provide the option of using the system—and here’s how you can enable it.

While most of the Internet’s big players—Apple, Google, Facebook and the like—have long offered the option of using two-step authentication, Amazon has steadfastly held out. But Engadget’s Richard Lawler has noticed that it’s now an option with the online retailer.


It’s late to the party, sure—but this is a party you want to be at. So here’s how you can enable two-step authentication on your Amazon account.

First, log in to Amazon and click on ‘Your Account’ in the top right.


Next, scroll down to the ‘Settings’ section and choose ‘Change Account Settings.’

Then, choose the bottom option of ‘Advanced Security Settings.’


Here, you’ll be given the option to activate two-step authentication. Hit ‘Get Started.’

Now, you’ll be guided through a three-step process to set it up. You can choose to either use an SMS service or dedicated app to enable authentication


You can also set up a back-up method, in case your primary choice fails for some reason.

You should totally turn it on right now. And then, if you haven’t already, go and do it on all your other accounts too.


[Richard Lawler via Verge]

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