You Can Now Share and View GIFs Directly on Twitter

Twitter just announced support for animated GIFs on, as well as its iPhone and Android apps. *Cue your favorite celebration GIFS.*


This means, that yes, you can view and share GIFs as they play on your app or on the full website. No clicking away to anywhere else. That's more you can say for Facebook, which only works through a Giphy workaround. So go GIF-crazy, dudes. [@TwitterSupport]

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Alissa Walker

I'm a little disappointed. Yay for GIFs, but you still have to click them to "play" which defeats the purpose. Boo. Also no preview mode at all in the OS app, not even a still image. Clicking it just loops and loops and loops. And this is just me being crabby but it would be better if when you embedded a GIF the url started with