You Can Shoot Up the World in Google Maps Street View

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I usually love me some FPS games but there's something off putting about fake shooting up the real world in Google Maps Street View with an assault rifle. Try it out yourself, put a location Pool Worldwide and start shooting fake real people and things in Google Maps. Is it weird for you?


Why is it so disturbing? Is it the fact that these people exist in real life? Is it maybe hitting too close to home? Or am I just a little weirded out because there's no blood spewing or structures being destroyed or awesome physics engine rendering realism or a punk ass 13-year-old kid screaming in my ear? Ah, yeah. That's probably it. [Pool Worldwide via Kottke]



This is pathetic. It doesn't do anything when you shoot. Doesn't even leave one of those crappy 2D "bullet hole" images from the old-school Desktop Destroyer games. Psh.

On another note, I'm sure enough people like this to be disturbing. FPS's never interested me (well, except occasionally, and I never use guns; I'm always the explosives lover), but as long as it's all in a virtual world, I suppose that's fine. When you start blurring the lines between virtual and real—using virtual representations of REAL people—then it starts to get a bit creepy. Creepy not that it exists, but that people ENJOY it.