You Can Stick These Wireless Light Switches Anywhere

Even for a seasoned renovator, installing a new light switch in a room isn't the easiest of tasks. There's holes to be cut, wires to be run, and the worry that you're somehow going to short out your home. But with the new Avi-on Switch, adding a new light switch in a more convenient spot is as easy as sticking a Post-It note to the wall.

Using Bluetooth, the switch wirelessly connects to either a special adapter that sits between a lamp and a power outlet, or to a Bluetooth-enabled Avi-on lightbulb so permanent lighting fixtures in your home can be controlled as well. Setup and scheduling is accomplished via an accompanying iOS app, and encryption ensures that nosy neighbors won't be messing with your setup.

Its creators claim the Avi-on Switch's internal batteries will work for a few years before needing to be replaced, and the touch-sensitive slider it uses in lieu of a physical switch adds dimming capabilities to your existing lighting, which might be worth the upgrade alone.


Unfortunately despite these promises, the Avi-on Switch's creators don't seem to have the utmost confidence in their product. Instead of immediately putting it into production, they've opted to go the crowd-funded route, passing the risk onto anyone willing to shell out $59 for the starter kit that includes a switch and power outlet adapter. If they succeed in raising $80,000 over the next month, your pre-order should guarantee you one sometime early next year. [Avi-on via Engadget]

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