You Can Use an Xbox 360 Controller with a PS3 or a PS3 Controller with an Xbox 360 Now

The PS3 controller is a starved, emaciated excuse of a video game controller. It's terribly skinny with no curves and feels like you're holding the result of a skinny TV remote's incestual relationship. The Xbox 360 controller? Now there's something worth holding. And with this Cronus adapter you can use the Xbox controller with your PS3.


Or you can use the PS3 controller with your Xbox 360 but why oh why would you want to do that? Oh yeah, the d-pad on the Xbox 360 controller is awful. EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. Okay, it's not but maybe you've grown really comfortable with the crappy PS3 controller—people often have irrational personal tastes for these type of things. Cronus works every which way. Play with whichever controller you're comfortable with by plugging in the Cronus dongle to the console's USB port and sync your preferred wireless controller to the adapter. It's supposed to be pretty simple.

Even if we disagree on which controller between the Xbox 360 and PS3 is better, we can all laugh about how Cronus also supports the Wii too. [Cronus via Engadget]

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Jesus, you people sound like wine snobs. You take differences that fall somewhere on a scale from "barely perceptible" to "completely imaginary" and the build a religion on it.

For the record, I own and use a PS3 and an XBOX 360. The controllers are marginally different, which is to say that they are basically the same.