You Have a PS3, But Do You Have the Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit??

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These haven't shown up in the states just yet, but Sony is selling Australia a pretty interesting Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit.


Priced at $50 USD, you get two Blu-ray movies (choices include films like Batman Begins and 300) and a PS3 Blu-ray remote. For Australians, the two movie pack is just a $10 premium on top of the remote price—not a bad deal (for them).

I've resisted Sony's $20ish Bluetooth remote for some time—probably long enough that I'm over the need since I've gotten so darn good with a Dual Shock by now. But if they threw in some Blu-rays to sweeten the deal, I imagine that Sony could unload em by the truckload. Well, I guess all remotes come off trucks at sometime, but you get what I mean. [JB HiFi via Kotaku]


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Sony's Blu-ray remote is flat out the worst thing about the system. I can't believe they've redesigned the hardware from scratch and STILL neglected to include an IR window. How much could that possibly cost, fifty cents?

I will eventually pony up the fifty bucks (fifty bucks!) for Logitech's Harmony adapter, but it's absolutely ridiculous that I have to do so.

I just find it insane that Sony is trying to push a high-end movie format using a system that won't work with anybody's home theater remote control. I don't know a single person who owns a Blu-ray player but doesn't have a high-end universal remote, how could Sony possibly not see that connection? Nobody wants to use your proprietary remote, morons!