You Have to Wait a Full Two Years to Upgrade on AT&T Now

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AT&T has announced that it's extending its standard upgrade interval from 20 months to 24—the full stretch of most contracts.


Anyone signing up for a new contract, or existing customers with contracts which wrap up in March or later, will have to deal with the full two year gap between phones, reports Engadget. The news echoes a similar decision made by Verizon earlier this year, which also upped the length of wait from 20 months to 24 back in April.

AT&T hasn't given any context for the shift. But, if previous changes in contract policy across US carriers is anything to go by, it seems likely that the longer upgrade period could soon become the norm. And that sucks. [Engadget]



I'm not sure I understand how this is good for the carrier. I know they'll earn more between subsidizing a phones, but now instead of getting customers to lock in 2 more years a few months BEFORE the contracts ends, the customer can just as easily switch carriers as upgrade. I hope this triggers huge amounts of churn.