What if you combined your three favorite things into one big toy? What's that? You would combine beer, video games, and high definition TV? No need to imagine, folks. Such a machine exists, and it only costs $5,000.

Okay, $5,000 is a lot of money, but big price tags often mean big fun. The Kegerator Pro 60 is an all-in-one gaming-and-drinking machine just released by Deram Arcades. The machine features a 60-inch HDTV screen with an arcade machine that plays 140 classic games. Crystal Castles, Paperboy, Mortal Combat, Space Invaders—they're all there. It also comes with a kegerator that can handle three taps. That means you can have three different frosty beverages going at once. And two of the taps are located right next to joysticks, so you never have to stop playing. All that said, this actually isn't the first arcade-kegerator combo, but it is the most extreme.


Now, shut up and take my money. [Dream Arcades]

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